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Let's face it ladies, we're all looking for shoes that fit perfectly, look great, and are comfortable to wear, but they're not always that easy to find. And even when we do find them, then we need to make them work with whatever's in our wardrobes. The whole process can be rather complicated, but at least it won't be quite as daunting once you're armed with the tips from the following articles.

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Deciding what to buy...

Designer shoes range from the silly to the sublime, and they're always fun to look at -- but shopping for them is another story. With such a demand for ladies shoes from labels like Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo, the web is crawling with people selling fakes, so this is one area where it really pays to do your homework. Below, we have included links of reputable places to buy designer shoes. Plus we have also provided plenty of eye catching stuff, because even if you can't afford to wear designer shoes, looking at them won't hurt.

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In recent years, online shoe sales have been on the rise.  This is based on several factors.

  • Style - Due to space limitations, many brick and mortar department and shoe stores simply can not offer the style and color selections of many of the online retailers. While finding a black pump is a relatively simple task at any store, a bronze sling-back is tougher to accomplish.

  • Standard Sizing - While many of us have no trouble finding shoes to fit right "off the rack," there are probably more people who need something other than a standard width, or size. These options are more readily available online.

  • Brand Name and Designer Merchandise - Between television, print and online media, we're bombarded with brand and designer names that are often difficult to find in local department stores. But running that name through any search engine brings usually returns several online retailers of the shoes you so covet.

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Finding a shoe to fit

Did you ever wonder how some people manage to find all the best shoes while your closet seems to be teeming with black pumps and cross-trainers? It doesn't take a lot of money or a stylist to have attention-getting footwear. In fact, armed with these tips, you'll find that you can have shoes you love, no matter how small your budget is.


You can have a wardrobe full of killer shoes without ever straying from basic black, but a littler color never hurt anyone.

If you're not comfortable in bright shades, don't wear them. But just because you don't see yourself as a red stiletto type, doesn't mean you're condemned to a life in brown loafers.


A Shoe Treat

Some women are just plain crazy about shoes. The richer they are the more crazy they are about shoes. These shoes are supposed to be extremely hard to find as they are sold out everywhere.

Shopping online can be fun..especially when you are buying shoes

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02/12/2017 18:11
A  hugely important element to buying shoes online is having the ability to return or exchange them if have a defect, don't fit, or just don't look the way you thought they would. While most online shoe stores will offer some kind of return policy, don't take it for granted. Know before...


02/12/2017 09:22
Imagine living in this world of beautiful shoes, and not being able to find any that fit you. Actually, some of you don't have to imagine it -- you're living it. I know, because I hear from so many women who are having difficulty finding nice shoes. While it can be tough to find those perfect shoes...

Your Budget

02/12/2017 09:21
The only thing harder to resist than that perfect pair of shoes, is that perfect pair of shoes on sale. The articles below offer money-saving tips and some of my favorite places to find discount footwear and ladies shoes on sale -- and there are some extremely good deals out there, so if you're...


Charlotte Olmypia  - Harrods

Manolo Blahnik’s name is synonymous with the phrase ‘really expensive shoes’.  

Working alone without assistants or apprentices, MANOLO BLAHNIK (1942-) is solely responsible for the design of every one of the thousands of shoes that bear his name. He has dominated shoe design since setting up in business in London in the early 1970s.”

   His shoes are a favorite of the characters in Sex and the City.